How Many People Use Iptv

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television has emerged as an affordable and handy substitute for traditional cable or satellite services across the globe. The industry has witnessed a significant rise in popularity over the years, with a growing number of people turning towards it as a primary source of entertainment. In this article, we will dive into the current statistics to find out just how many people use IPTV across the globe.

The Numbers

According to a study conducted by ResearchandMarkets, the worldwide IPTV market size is anticipated to grow from $68.9 billion in 2020 to $117.1 billion by 2025. This growth in global demand for IPTV can be attributed to increasing internet speed, access to high-quality content, and a rise in online video streaming platforms.

The IPTV market is segmented into four categories: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the world. Europe has the most significant market share, accounting for 37.7% of the global market. North America is next in line with a 29.7% market share. Following up closely is the Asia-Pacific region with 25.6% of the market, while the rest of the world accounts for the remaining 7%.

IPTV Users Worldwide

As of 2021, IPTV subscribers worldwide are estimated to be around 250 million. This figure represents a significant milestone, considering that the number stood at approximately 90 million in 2015. The Middle East and Africa are the regions with the most robust growth in IPTV subscribers. The projections estimate that this number will rise to 450 million by 2025.

Factors Contributing To The Growth Of IPTV

Internet coverage and speed are the main contributors to the success of IPTV. With internet penetration on the rise, the number of potential IPTV users is only going to get higher. Additionally, the internet’s high speed and reliability levels have increased the percentage of quality content available to users.

IPTV has also become more affordable compared to traditional cable and satellite TV services. It offers a range of customizable and affordable package deals. The prices are reasonable, and customers can bundle multiple services like high-speed internet, cordless phone connectivity, and IPTV subscriptions to get discounts, making it all the more affordable.


The above information shows that the IPTV industry is booming as consumers look for new ways to access their favorite content. The number of IPTV subscribers is expected to increase in the coming years, especially in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The convenience, affordability and diversity of content make IPTV a compelling alternative to traditional cable and satellite television services. With the increasing demand, the future of IPTV looks bright.

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