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How To Put Iptv On Mag Box

IPTV is the acronym for Internet Protocol Television, and it is a method of delivering TV services through an internet connection instead of traditional cable or satellite. This technology is becoming increasingly popular, and many people are looking for ways to use it on their devices. One way to do this is by using a MAG box. In this guide, we will explain how to put IPTV on a MAG box.

What is a MAG box?

A MAG box is a set-top box used to receive and decode IPTV signals. It is a powerful device designed to provide the best possible streaming experience. A MAG box is compatible with many IPTV services and offers a smooth and user-friendly interface.

Step 1: Set up your MAG box

Before putting an IPTV on MAG box, you need to set it up. First, connect your MAG box to your TV using an HDMI cable. Then, plug it into a power source and turn it on. The interface will appear on your TV screen.

Step 2: Connect your MAG box to an internet connection

To use IPTV on MAG box, you need to make sure it is connected to the internet. You can connect it using an ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi connection. To connect using Wi-Fi, go to “Settings,” then “Network,” and select “Wireless (Wi-Fi).” Next, select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password. Your MAG box will now be connected to the internet.

Step 3: Add your IPTV service details to the MAG box

To add IPTV to your MAG box, you will need to input the details of your IPTV service provider. On your remote, press the “Menu” button, then select “Settings” and scroll down to “Servers.” You will see several options, including “General,” “Portals,” and “API Access.” Select “Portals” and enter your IPTV service provider’s URL into the “Portal 1” field. You will also need to enter your username and password.

Step 4: Restart your MAG box

After inputting your IPTV service details, restart your MAG box. To do this, go to “Settings,” then “System settings,” and select “Restart portal.” Your MAG box will now connect to the IPTV service.

Step 5: Access your IPTV service

Once your MAG box has restarted, you can access your IPTV service. On your remote, press the “Home” button and scroll down to the “Online TV” option. You will see all the channels available through your IPTV service. You can navigate through them using your remote.


Putting IPTV on a MAG box is a great way to enjoy TV services through the internet. It is simple and straightforward, and the process only takes a few steps. Follow this guide, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite TV shows and channels through your MAG box. Remember to always choose a reliable IPTV service provider to ensure the best experience.

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Get your subscription today: iptv-subscription.pro

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