How To Turn Off Audio Description On Iptv

If you’re an IPTV user and have been experiencing audio description despite it being disabled in the settings, you’re not alone. This issue has been reported by many users and can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are ways to turn off audio description on IPTV.

What is Audio Description?

Audio Description, also known as Descriptive Video Service (DVS) is an accessibility feature designed to aid visually impaired individuals. It narrates the action and settings happening on-screen, providing an additional description of the content.

Many IPTV channels provide audio description, but it’s not always necessary for sighted users. If you find audio description bothersome, there are several ways to turn it off.

Method 1: Change Audio Track

One way to turn off audio description is to change the audio track. Some IPTV services provide multiple audio tracks, usually in different languages. To change the audio track:

1. Find the Audio Track/Settings option on the display or in the settings section.

2. Scroll through the available audio tracks and select one that doesn’t include audio description.

Many IPTV services provide a secondary audio track with audio description. Ensure that the track you’ve selected doesn’t have AD.

Method 2: Turn Off Audio Description in IPTV Settings

If you can’t find a non-audio description audio track, try disabling audio description in the IPTV settings. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the settings menu on your IPTV screen.

2. Look for the Audio or Accessibility menu option.

3. Find and disable the Audio Description option.

If the Audio Description option isn’t available, look for it in the Closed Captioning menu. Once disabled, exit the settings and restart your IPTV app or device.

Method 3: Check Your TV Settings

Some TV sets and IPTV devices such as Fire TV stick and Apple TV have AD enabled in their system settings. If you’ve tried disabling audio description in the IPTV settings and it is still enabled, try turning it off in the TV settings.

1. Open the settings menu on your TV or IPTV device.

2. Navigate to Accessibility.

3. Look for the Audio Description option and turn it off.

Again, restart your IPTV app or device after turning off Audio Description.

Method 4: Contact Your IPTV Provider

If you’ve tried all the above methods and are still experiencing audio description, consider reaching out to your IPTV provider. They may be able to remotely troubleshoot your device or provide additional support.

Ensure to provide them with details of the issue such as the device you’re using, the IPTV service you’re subscribed to, and the steps you’ve taken to disable Audio Description.


Audio Description is an essential accessibility feature, but it’s not always needed for sighted users. If you’re finding audio description bothersome on IPTV, there are several ways to turn it off. Try changing the audio track, disabling it in the IPTV or TV settings, or contacting your IPTV provider for assistance.

Use the above methods to customize your IPTV viewing experience to your preference.

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